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This is the place where I’ll be talking about running, adventures and how I make a living from these things. You can expect tips, recommendations and honest reflections.

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I’m Elise. Mainly, I’m a writer, runner and all-round big fan of the outdoors.

In 2016, aged 24, I became the first woman and youngest person to run 5,000 miles around the coast of Britain, carrying my kit on my back. Since then, via a lot of trial and error, various mistakes and disasters, and a good amount of happy accidents, I’ve managed to build a career from running and adventure. I wrote a book about the experience called Coasting, which was chosen as one of The Times Best Sports Books of 2021.

I can not overstate how completely unqualified I was to run around a country. Prior to setting off, I’d run one marathon dressed as a purple Crayola crayon where a small child heckled me as ‘The Crying Crayon’ and I’d never wild camped or read a map before. I spent a huge amount of time getting lost, crying on grass verges and calling my mum. But I also saw Britain at its most wild and wonderful, met literally hundreds of amazingly kind strangers, and discovered that I could do something hard, and enjoy it too.

When I was writing Coasting, the book, it was really important to me to be honest about the whole experience. It’s so easy to look at other people doing big adventures and think, I could never do that. But I truly believe that if I could run around a country, then anybody could, and that’s what I want people to take away from reading it.

The same is true for Coasting, the newsletter version. I’ll be writing about running, adventures and how I (mostly) make a living from adventure and doing the things I love. These worlds can seem impenetrable sometimes and I want to help change that.

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Sometimes coasting, sometimes struggling - through life, adventures and running.


Elise Downing

I like being outside. First woman to run self-supported around the coast of Britain and author of COASTING (one of The Times Best Sports Books 2021). Now mostly writing about running, adventure and work.